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9 Tips For a Perfect Makeup


9 Tips For a Perfect Makeup

Many women already know : the brides makeup looks a lot different than any other woman in makeup . For a party , a work event or even a wedding ( as a guest ) , makeup is something that does not require too much work. But when it comes to brides , the difficulty is multiplied by a thousand . We wept and we greet hundreds. The skin becomes a battlefield and makeup has to be very good to deal with all that.

9 Tips for a perfect makeup

1 - The skin is a battlefield! The bride cries, sweat , dance ... The quality fasteners and freely manage to overcome these barriers! Use waterproof products and fasteners , these will help your makeup does not run with tears or perspiration .

2 -Lay the skin on your face in the hands of a professional makeup artist. A professional makeup artist will have the tools, techniques and products that the average person does not even know those that make up very well. In addition , a professional does not have the pressure or nerves that may have the bride or family members who offered to make up . Then the results will be reflected in photos and videos. Learn how to light for the picture look good , know how and where it is important to avoid glare .

3 - Follow a trend, but not lose sight of your personal style! The goal, rather than pursuing a tendency to reflect the personality of every bride ! And this is also achieved from the makeup! Because the makeup also says a lot about the bride wearing it. Accompany a trend , yes, but as long as we respect our own personal style!

4 - Take 2 liters of water per day. This will help moisturize the skin. Hydrated skin makes makeup look .

5 - Stop smoking if you are doing it. Skin quality substantially change.

6 - Note at least one deep cleaning skin.

Consult with 7- time makeup artist , cosmetologist , dermatologist to advise on a course of treatment.

8- Paying attention to waxing eyebrows. Do not know how much can change with a good design eyebrows!

9- The wedding day ask a friend or family member to wear a gloss and a powder to touch up .


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