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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Investments Tips


Bitcoin is an electronic currency created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized currency, that is, its management and production do not go hand in hand with a central bank.

The current money is fiduciary, means that its real value is higher than the price of its production. In addition, debt issuance is not required to generate more bitcoins.

The Bitcoins go through a mining system. The mining system is based on the resolution of a ciptogr√°fico problem, that as a prize grants a certain quantity of Bitcoins to whom solves it. It is necessary to validate the transactions that are made.

The idea is that the price of Bitcoin is equivalent to the cost of the creation of these mines. It tries to simulate the extraction of raw material. So investing in Bitcoins would be like investing in virtual cryptocurrency.

Regarding the risk of investing in Bitcoins, being a relatively young currency, it is not low because there is much fluctuation. In the long run, as the system tends to a finite number of Bitcoins, it will cause volatility to be reduced. By reducing volatility, fluctuation and thus risk are reduced.

Once we read the basic concepts we can see how to invest in Bitcoins. There are two main ways to invest in Bitcoins. Buying bitcoins or mining.

Investing in Bitcoins by buying them is a bit easier than mining. To be able to buy bitcoins first you must have a Bitcoin wallet.

A bitcoin wallet is a system that allows you to store the Bitcoins you own. Basically it involves associating certification that a number of Bitcoins are associated with a portfolio. There is no limit on portfolios for an individual.

The wallets can have them in your personal computer, or you can use an online service, in which case you will not have to do any installation.

Once the portfolio is created, you must associate it with a bank account. That is done by a house of change. There are many exchange houses, but it is advisable to use one that is reliable.

On the official bitcoin page there is a list of them. Once you have all that done, you can invest in Bitcoins as many times as you want.

Investing in bitcoins by mining
Investing in Bitcoins by mining means investing in hardware to perform decryption calculations. Specialized CPUs are currently required for these operations. Getting decrypted a block is awarded by 50BTC.

In order to decipher a block, you can invest in the machine. Given that there are large groups of these computers processing 24/7, we can say that the probability that you get to decipher a block is extremely low.

Another option is to join a mining or mining pool. It is a group of miners, who use the power of their processors to obtain the prize.

This prize is distributed evenly among the members of the cluster. To enter a cluster, you usually have to pay a fee to the administrators of the cluster.

Bearing in mind that the difficulty of solving this problem is increasing. That there are ever bigger and more powerful clusters, the most sensible option is to invest in Bitcoins joining a cluster.


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